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How to prevent damage until help arrives

Posted on 12/06/2014

How to prevent damage until help arrives

Beau Plumbing&Tiling now offer a 24hour emergency plumbing service.  There is nothing worse than the sound of water leaking in your home, If this ever happens to you and you need us to attend your property here's a few handy tips that you can do to prevent as much damage to your property as possible until we get to you. It is also important to turn off the electrics to the house to prevent damage.

1. First of all it may seem simple but at a lot of properties we attend, customers don't know where their stopcock (stop-tap) is within their household. Generally they are often found under the kitchen sink, small downstairs toilet or in the garage. If you locate this simply turn it clockwise to stop more water coming into the property.

2. If you can't locate the stopcock or it simply won't turn (stopcocks often seize up due to them not being used until emergency or running repairs are needed). Then outside of your property you will have a shut off point that will be marked with 'Yorkshire Water', and will either be on the pavement or somewhere near your properties boundary. Depending on the age of your house there may be a modern plastic tap that you can turn clockwise to stop the water getting into your property, however some of these valves need a stopcock key to isolate the water supply.

3. If you have tried all of these options and you can't locate either, you can reduce the pressure of the water coming out by opening up bath, basin and kitchen taps these will take some of the pressure and reduce the water coming out however wont fully stop the problem.  If able it is important to try and find something to soak up some of the water (towels or a pan to collect the water), all of this will help prevent damage to your property as we get to you.

Doing any of the above or even just locating them will help us when we get to you so we can shut the water off as quickly as possibly and get to the cause of the problem and put it right for you. If you are struggling with any of the above in an emergency we will happily talk you through this on the phone whilst we are on our way to you. 

Our emergency number is available 24hours a day just call 01484 500002.



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